Maulana Azad College

Maulana Azad College

Affiliated to the University of Calcutta
NAAC Accredited with 'A' Grade
Maulana Azad CollegeGovt of West Bengal


Being a Government Institution the College is solely guided by the policy of the Government of West Bengal. The Institution aims at providing all possible infrastructural, instrumental and logistic support to the students by -

  • Planning for sustainable expansion so as to ensure academic growth and allied activity promotion to improve the existing facilities and new needs.
  • Continuously upgrading the laboratories. Upgrading the infrastructural facilities both in college and in the hostel. Harnessing ICT to a threshold level. Adding new titles and volumes to the library every year to augment the need of the students and the teachers. Mobilizing resources from UGC, DST and DBT to upgrade the infrastructural facilities for the stakeholders. Keeping the healthy student-teacher ratio.

Facilities offered:


All the classrooms are equipped with black/white boards. The College offers technology enabled learning spaces which include classrooms with LCD projectors and computers.

Seminar Halls:

Halls are equipped with microphone and computer connectivity where departmental seminars are held. In addition the College has a big Hall named Raza Washat Ali Memorial Hall which is used for national/international seminars and various cultural programmes.

Tutorial spaces:

The classrooms are used for tutorial purposes during slack session/hours.


The College has 22 modern laboratories for the PG, UG (Honours) and UG (General) students. In addition to that, 7 well equipped Research Laboratories are there.

Plant tissue culture laboratory in the Botany Department.

Animal tissue culture laboratory in the Zoology Department.

Herbarium in the Botany Department.

Animal House maintained by Zoology Department.

Networking & Wi-Fi Connectivity:

All the departments of the College are well equipped with computers having internet facilities. The College Office and the Library are also computerized. E-journals are available in the College Library.


The Zoology Department has been maintaining three display units in their Department premises.

Instrument facilities for teaching, learning and research:

The College has extremely good instrument facility for both students and researchers.


The College Library (Central Library) has a rich collection of about 90,000 (ninety thousand) books and journals. These include some rare and priceless books and journals. On an average, about 1000 new books are added every year. It has digital accession unit maintained with KOHA software and it has LAN searching and LAN borrowing facility. All corners of the Library are covered under CCTV surveillance by 16 cameras. Each department has its own Departmental (Seminar) Library too.

Language Laboratory:

Language Laboratory maintained by English Department, having audio, video and interactive console facility.

Medicinal Plant Garden:

The Botany department has been maintaining and augmenting a Medicinal Plant Garden.


College has a large playground is available. In addition, University Ground, which is close by, is made available to us in need. Provisions exist for all major indoor and outdoor games.

Common Room:

The College has a Boys' Common Room, situated in the first floor and a Girls' Common Room, situated in the second floor of the main Building.

Gymnasium :

Two gymnasiums are situated each in the boys' and girls' common room, both are furnished with modern fitness equipments.

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